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Karaikal - Location Map

Karaikal - Social Welfare

Social Welfare
Home for visually handicapped and hearing impaired, Home for Orthopaedically Handicapped, Hostel for Back ward class children, Home for Old Age and other Welfare Schemes are maintaining by the Social Welfare Development.

Womens Welfare Developments
Old Age and Widow Pension, 140 Anganwadies, 28 Balwadies, Working Women's Hostel are under the control of the Department of Womens Child Developments. Women Development Corporation also maintaining a Working Women' Hostel, Crech, and providing technical trainings

Adi Dravidar Welfare
Apart from Financial assistances, Free distributions, Subsidies, Maintaining of students Hostels, Coaching Centers, Special Housing Schemes and other service are providing by the Adi Dravidar Welfare.

Labour Welfare
A Sub-Employment Exchange, A Rural Labour Welfare Centre, and imparting training to women folk of industrial labours' families, a Career Guidance Centre, and Labour dispute matters are handled by the Labour Welfare

Civil Supplies and Consumer Welfare
79 Fair Price Shops are running and distributing the Essential Commodities. Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Departments is conducting Consumer Awareness Programmes apart from attending the affairs of the Consumers through the Consumer Court.

Karaikal - Festivals

Sani Peyarchi Festival

Karaikal is known all over the country for its unique and the only temple devoted to the Lord Saneeswara (Lord Saturn) at Thirunallar. Those who are troubled by vicisitudes in life and wish bright future do spare their time to pay obiesance to the Lord Saturn. The Sani Peyarchi festival is the "Kumb Mela of Pondicherry" attracting lakhs of devotees.

Mangani Festivals
Although situated within Karaikal municipality, Karaikal Ammayar temple which holds the annual 'Mangani" festival which is a well attended 'Mela', as also Kandoori festival celebrated by Karaikal Darga and the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes celebrated by Our Lady of Lourdes Church.

Masi Magam
This annual festival takes place on the full moon day of the Tamil month of Masi (Between February and March). Deities from as many temples in and around Karaikal are brought in ceremonial processions to the seashore for a symbolic immersion ceremony. Thousands of people go to the seashore to have a dip in the sea which is said to wash away one's sins. The most important deity, which takes part in the festival, is Sowriraja Perumal of Thirukannapuram village in Tamil Nadu area. The saying goes that Sowriraja Perumal married a fishermen community woman and hence the moment the deity enters Tirumalairayan-pattinam village of Tirumalairayanpattinam
commune for the festival, the fishermen take charge of the deity and charges are replaced after the festival is completed i.e. after the holy bath. This festival is held with all pomp and glory although it cannot be compared to the degree of celebration in Pondicherry.

Fire-Walking Festivals

Three or four times in a year, local temples conclude their annual festivals with hundreds of men, women and children walking on fire for fulfilment of their vows.

karaikal-Polytechnic and ITI

Karaikal Polytechnic
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -265521
Govt. I.T.I For WoMen
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -234249
Govt. I.T.I For Men
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -233417

Karaikal -Colleges

Arignar Anna Govt. Arts College
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 230431
Avvaiyar Govt. Women College
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222611
Bharathidasan Engineering College
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 261372
Vinayaga Mission Medical College
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Perunthalaivar kamarajar Govt.College
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 230390
Karaikal College of Education
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 231390

Karaikal - Schools

Ealakkara st (East), Karaikal-609602
+ 91 - 4368 - 220604

Annai Therasa Govt.Hr Sec School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 225264
Govt.Hr Sec School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Govt.Hr Sec School
Thenur, Thirunallar,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 261229
Govt.Hr Sec School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Govt.Hr Sec School
Thenur, Neravy,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 224265
Govindasamy Pillai GBHS
Tamil Nadu, India

Nirmala Ranee Girls Hr. Sec. School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222342
St. Mary's Hr. Sec. School
Church Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222106
Thanthai Periyar GHSS
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 223460
Jawaharlal Nehru GHSS
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 261019
Crescent High School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 250244
Don Bosco High School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -281263
Govt Girls High School
TR Pattinam,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -230028
Govt High School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Kavery Public High School
+ 91 - 4368 - 220361
M.E.S High School
Masthan Palli Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222710
Jawahar Navodhaya Vidyalaya
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 265406
Servite English High School
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222052
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 265802
Canara Bank
Chruch Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222481

Indian Bank
Bharathiyar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222484
Indian Bank Extension Counter
(opp to Anna Arts College),
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222484
Indian Bank
Kamarajar Street, Neravy,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222476
Indian Overseas Bank
Ambakararhur Branch,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 250225
Indian Overseas Bank
Karaikal Branch,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222499
Indian Overseas Bank
Nedungadu Branch,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 281225
Indian Overseas Bank
Thirunallar Branch,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222422
Indian Overseas Bank
T.R. Pattinam Branch,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222412
Pondy Co-Op Central Land Development Bank
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 220345
Pondy State Co-op Bank Ltd
Church Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222693

State Bank of India
Main,Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 221112
State of India
Agri Development Branch
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222524
The Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222410
UCO Bank
Church Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222417
Life Insurance Corporation
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 223354

Karaikal - Blood Banks

JIPMER Hospital
Dahnwandry Nagar, Gorimedu,
Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 413 - 272380

Govt. General Hospital

Victor simonel street,
Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 413 -2336971
St. Joseph's Hospital
Roman Rolland street,
Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 413 - 2334813
Pondichery Private Hospital Association
Ist Cross, Venkata Nagar,
Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 413 - 2342874
Institute of Medical Sciences

Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 413 - 2656271
Mahatma Gandhi
Medical College and Hospital
Cuddalore Road, Pillaiyarkuppam,
Pondicherry, India + 91 - 413 - 2615449
Aarupadai Veedu Medical College and Hospital
Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 413 - 2615625.
Govt. General Hospital
Ambetkar street, Kamaraj Salai,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222539
Vinayaka Mission's Medical College and Hospital
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -263333
Govt. General Hospital
Mahe, Pondicherry, India
+ 91 - 490 - 333225,
Govt. General Hospital
Yanam, Pondicherry, India
+ 91 884 - 2321224

Karaikal - Hospitals

Govt. Hospitals Phone Numbers
Casuality 222593
Amblance 222593
Emergency Ward 222488

Primary Health Centres Phone Numbers
Medical Sup.dt R.M.O 221362
Ambagarathur 250242
Kottucherry 265452
Nallambal 250235
Neravy 222468
Nedungadu 261242
T.R.Pattinam 222413
Thirunallar 222565
Varichikudy 265459
Vizhithiyur 261224
ESI Hospital Nedungadu 261202
General Hospital Materinity 223917
SugamPriya Hospital ( Private) Karaikal 224044
A.J poly Clinic ( Private) Karaikal 220426

Karaikal - Emergency

Emergency and Utility Services Phone Numbers
Police 100
Traffic Police 222402
Fire 101, 222599
Ambulance 222593
Emergency Ward 222488
Casuality 222593
Water Supply Complaints 222692

Electricity Complaints
Ambagarathur 250397
Karaikal 222428
Kottucherry 222798
Nedungadu 261228
Thirunallar 222674
T.R.Pattinam 222492

Phone Complaints
STD-Complaints 222400
Trunk Booking 180
Trunk Enquiry 180
Postal Enquiry 222419

LPG Gas Services
Bharath Gas 223363
Gas Agency - Sathya 223533
Spic jothi 220331

Bus Reservation
TTC-Nagapattinam 222455
PRN - Bus - Karaikal 222107

Railway Reservation
Nagapattinam 222131
Karaikal 222976
Mayiladuthurai 222131

Cinema Theatres
Murugaram Theatre, Thirunallar Road 222155
P.S.R. Deluxe Theatre, Chinnakannu Chetty St 222614

Telephone Services
BSNL - enquiries 197
BSNL - Complaints 222198
BSNL - Metre Reading 1503
Phonogram 222420

Medical Services
PHC, Kottucherry 265458
PHC, Varichikudy 265459
PHC, Koilpathu 230880
PHC, Karaikal Medu 263243
PHC, Nallathur 261935
PHC, Nedungadu 261242
PHC, Ambagarathur 251242
PHC, Nallambal 251861
PHC, Vizhidiur 268224
PHC, Neravy 222413
PHC, T.R.Pattinam 33413
Community Health Centre Thirunallar 222565

Karaikal - Hotels

Holiday Farms & Resorts(3 star)
Main Road,Akkaraivattam, Karaikal,
Puthucherry, India.
+ 91 4368 228330(4 Lines)
Fax: + 91 4368 228330

Kumaran Guest House
160, Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal - 609602.
+ 91 9443438853
+ 91 9443790938
04368-220596, 226926
Fax : 04368-226926

Kumaran Residencyhttp:
No.18, Dr. Ambedkar Street,
Karaikal - 609 602.
+ 91 9443438853
+ 91 9443790938
Ph : (04368) 228348, 228349

Hotel Mano Residency
16, P.K. Salai,
Near New Bus Stand,
Phone : 04368-224142, 222243

Hotel Nandha
207, Kamaraj Salai,
Karaikal - 609602.
Phone No: +91 4368 220533, 225033

Golden Lodge
72, Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal - 609602.
Mobile No: +91 - 93809 13567
Government Tourist Home,
Near Bus Stand, Koilpathu,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222621

PWD Guest House Beach Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 220531

Municipal Motel Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 222757
Thirunallar Devasthanam Tourist Home
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 236530
Paris International
Bharathiyar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 220306
Hotel Nanda
Kamaraj Salai,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -220533
Hotel Kayal
Bharathiar Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel French Residenc
Bharathiar Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel Presidency
Near Bharathiar Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel City Plaza
Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 -220361
Hotel Mathura
Market Street,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
+ 91 - 4368 - 221002
Hotel Arya Bavan
Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel Amsavalli
Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Mouriya Restaurant
Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel Chola
Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel Kandas
Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel Chettinad
Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Moon Park Hotel
Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
PSR Lodge
Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Hotel Annapoorna
Bharathiar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India
Golden Lodge
Thirunallar Road,
Karaikal, Tamil Nadu, India

Karaikal - Infrastructure

Drinking Water
In the tail of Cauvery delta, this region is fed with seven major tributories via. Nattar, Vanjiar, Noolar, Arasalar, Thirumalairajanar, Pravidaiyanar, and Nandalar. From the tail-end regulators of constructed/proposed in the above rivers. A separate Division for Irrigation is controlled by the Public Works Department.

Road and Bridges
Karaikal is an important point in the II Phase of the proposed East Coast Road. With the Assistance of the World Bank, Western and Eastern Bye-Pass for Karaikal & T.R.Pattinam has been proposed, which will be part of the National Highway NH 45-A Extension. All French regime bridges will be proposed to be reconstructed. All the works have proposed and executed by a separate Division of the Public Works Department.

Housing Developments
Separate Housing facilities for Scheduled Castes, Fishermen community have been provided. Government Employees Housing Quarters also developed. Apart from the Pondicherry Housing Board,, in Cooperative Sector, the House Building Society has also cater the need of the public.

Karaikal - Geographical Features

Karaikal Region is situated in more or less a flat land. There are no hills or forests in this district. This region consists of almost entire coastal alluvial soil, which is highly suitable for cultivation of paddy and pulses.

Rivers Canals and Waterways

This region lies in Cauvery delta and the following rivers are the main sources of water for agricultural purposes

Arasalar Running a distance of 11.97 Kms in the region

Nattar Running a distance of 11.2 Kms in the region. An irrigation supply carrier fed by Arasalar

Vanjiar Running a distance of 9 Kms in the region. An irrigation cum-drainage carrier fed by Arasalar

Nular Running a distance of 13.7 Kms in the region. An irrigation supply carrier receiving its supply from Arasalar.

Pravadayanar Running a distance of 5.3 Kms in the region and fed by Kodamurutti.

Running a distance of 5.13 Kms in the region. An irrigation cum drainage carrier receiving supply from Kodamurutti

Nandalar Running a distance of 15.5 Kms in the region, which receives water supply from Virasolanar

There are a few shallow tube wells mainly in Tirunallar commune and partly in Neravy and Nedungadu communes respectively for agricultural activities

Karaikal Towns, villages and Amenities
The region, at present comprises of 6 taluks and 1 Community Development Block. It has 1 town and 100 villages
(99 inhabited villages and 1 uninhabited village)

Karaikal - Agriculture and Irrigation

The total geographical rural area of the district is 14035.56 hectares. The classification of area by different types of land use is indicated below: The percentage of cultivable area to total area and percentage of irrigated area to total cultivable area are 84.92, 82.81 respectively. This shows that Karaikal is predominantly an agricultural area. Agriculture is the most important economic activity in the district, both in terms of employment and output. Higher production is due to the existence of the coastal alluvium soil very suitable for the cultivation of paddy and pulses.

In the early days, agriculturists in Karaikal district had to depend on inundation following floods in Cauveri or local rainfall. The main branches of Cauveri below the grand anicut are the Kodamurutti, Arasalar, Virasolanr and Vikramanar. They break again into a number of distributaries and some flow across Karaikal district before entering the Bay of Bengal. Canals are the exclusive meansfor carrying out irrigation in Karaikal.

Main Source of Water for agriculture Purpose

1. Arasalar --
2. Nular An irrigation supply carrier receiving its supply fromArasalar.
3. Vanjiar An irrigation cum-drainage carrier fed by Arasalar
4. Nattar An irrigation supply carrier fed by Arasalar
5. Nandalar which receives supply from Virasolanar.
6. Pravadayanar Fed by Kodamurutti
An irrigation cum drainage carrier receivingsupply from Kodamurutti.

There are a few shallow tube wells mainly in Tirunallar commune and partly in Neravy and Nedungadu communes for agricultural activities.

Pulses, cotton, Chillies, coconuts, groundnuts, vegetables and sunflower are the other popular items grown in the district. The paddy growing seasons are popularly known as kuruvai, (June-Oct), Samba (Aug-Feb.) and thaladi (Nov- March). Soon after the closure of the southwest monsoon, groundnut is cultivated utilizing available moisture. The major groundnut-growing centre is Kottucherry commune. Pulses are grown in summer following harvest of samba paddy.

Karaikal - Tourist Places

In and around Karaikal there are many tourist important places, and holy Shiva and Vaishnava temples are situated which are all recorded in the holy books of Nayanmars and Alwars.

There is a small but beautiful temple in the heart of the town for Karaikal Ammaiyar , the only woman out of the 63 Nayanmars. 'Mangani' festival is celeberated every year during the month of June - July ie. the day of full moon falls on 'Aani, a tamil month.

The traditional temple of Lord Saneeswara (Saturn) at Thirunallar which is just 5 kms. away from Karaikal town. This is the only temple in the town dedicated to Lord Saturn and is well known throughout India.

The Karaikal sandy beach is one of the best natural beaches in the South Tamil Nadu. The beach has been given easy accessibility by widening the two kms. road along the Arasalar river and by illumination of the road with sodium vapour lamps. In addition to natural sandy beach, a boat jetty in the Arasalar, Childrens Park, Immovable sitting chairs along the roads, Vehicles Parking, Beach Restaurant, Tennis Court are also more attracting a heavy crowd of all kind of local peoples as well as of outside tourists.
Boating Club, Arasalar is located on the backwaters of the Arasalar, Stretching over a distance of 1.75 Kms. from the town. A straight road running along the banks of the river connects the sandy beach and sea with the town. The boating club provides pedaller, motor and rowing boats to the tourists.

Karaikal - Churches - Mosques

Our lady Angels church in Karaikal was originally built in 1740 and rebuilt in 1828.

Mastan Syed Dawood dargah at Karaikal is dedicated to the memory of descendant of the prophet who came to Karaikal from Beughara.

Annai Velankanni Church
Annai Velankanni Church ( Tamil Nadu ): It is a famous Christian Pilgrim Shrine, 26 Kms. away from Karaikal.

Nagore Andavar Dargah
Nagore Andavar Dargah ( Tamil Nadu ) : This is one of the biggest Muslim Pilgrim Centre in India and is located 10 Kms. south of Karaikal.

Karaikal - Temples

Saraswathi Temple
Saraswathi Temple (Tamil Nadu) which is unique temple for the Lord Saraswathi, placed in Koothanoor near Poonthottam and about 25 kms. west of Karaikal Town.


Second largest village, distance of 13.8 km. west of Karaikal-Peralam road. The famous Bhadrakaliamman temple. Twelve days annual festival celebrated during May-June attracts many thousands of devotees. The festival is accompanies by a fair to cater to the visiting throng. (Thirunallar Commune).


1.8 Km. of west of Karaikal. Sri Yazhmurinatheeswarar temple, visited Saint Thirugnanasambandar, who sung a Pathigam (Thirumara III-Pathigam No.136). (Karaikal Commune).


Sri Uppilamaniar, Sri Kailasanathar, Nitya Kalyanaperumal, Karaikal Ammaiyar, SriParvatheeswaraswami Temple (Karaikovilpathu) and Sri Kothandaramaswami are famous. The Mangani festival is said to be celebrated for many centuries in the Karaikal Ammaiyar temple..


This village referred to as Thiruthelicherry in religious lores. It may then be assumed that this village must have been the abode of an important temple. This is one of the four places in Karaikal region visited by Saint Thirugnanasambandar who sang a pathigam in honour of Sri Parvatheeswaraswamy. Surasmaharam, Vijayadasmi, Kadaimuzhukku and Thiruvadhirai festivals are celebrated


3 Km. from Karaikal. Sri Mariamman temple and Sri Vella Vinayagamurthi temple are the centres of worship in the village.


4 km. north of Karaikal. The famous Kasakkudi copper plates discovered in this village in 1879 by M.J. Delafon and ascribed to Nandivarman-II throw much light onthe high cultural level of the people who lived in this part of the country during the Pallava days. The Siva temple in the village is the principal centre of worship.


7 km. from Karaikal onthe Karaikal-Nedungadu road. Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple here, said to belong to the XII century, is protected as an ancient monument. Some of the stone carvings inthetemple add to its monumental value. The Vaikunda Ekadesi and Masi Magam festivals celebrated in this temple attract several hundred devotees from the surrounding villages. Thiruvathirai, Chithirai Pournami and Masi Magam festivals are celebrated in Sri Naganathaswamy temple.


Sri Kodeeswaramudayar temple is the principal place of worship enjoying an ample income. A statue, a broken kuthuvilakku and some other vessels used for temple workship were enearthed from Perumalkoil maidan in this village on 28-03-1972. 5.7 km. from Karaikal North.

Sri Lakshminarayanaperumal temple is the principal centre of worship where Vaikunta Ekadesi is celebrated with some measure of festivty. This village lies at a distance of 11.215 km from west of Karaikal. (Nedungadu Commune).

12.3 km. from Karaikal on the Peralam road. Sri Tantonreeswarar temple ascribed to the Chola period is an important landmark in the village. The outer walls of the temple carry many inscriptions which do not appear to have been published so far. There are also a few exquisitely carved granite statues inthe temple.

10.3 km. from Karaikal. The most sensational find of bronze images in the Territory was reported from this village in 1948. They included the images of Pillaiyar, Manickavasagar, Thirugnanasambandar, Skandan, Uma, Jnanasakti (a pair), Sivakamasundari, dancing Siva (Anandatandavam) besides a trident, a conche, a pair of sandals, a copper tripod and a plate. The Siva (Sri Tantonreeswarar) temple in the village was declared as a protected monument in 1971. The Thiruvadhirai festival in the Sivan temple and the annual festival at Sri Mariamman temple attracts a large number of devotees.


5.3 km from south of Karaikal. The village is noted for its temple of Sri Jambunathaswamy claimed to be about 300 years old. The thiruvathirai (December-January) and thirukkarthigai festivals (November -December) are celebrated in this temple Several hundred people take part in the thiruvathirai festival. Vaikunta Ekadesi is celebrated during December-January in the Kariamanickaperumal Temple


The annual festival celebrated in Sri Kaliamman temple.

9.65 km from Karaikal. Sri Kailasanathar temple is the most important landmark here

(Agarasethur, Pandaravadai Sethur). 10.9 km. and 11.39 km. respectively from Karaikal-Peralam road. Sri Prathapasimmeswarar temple which may be ascribed to the xiii or xiv century is a notable landmark of Agara Settur village. There are chola inscriptions in Sri Prathapasimmeswarar temple which is now a protected monument under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.

7.8 km. from Karaikal. Sri Somanathaswamy temple and Sri Lakshminarayana perumal temple are two important landmarks of the village. The discovery of two bronze idols of antique value i.e. Sri Thiripurantaka of about 60 cm. height and Thiripurasungari of about 45 cm. height from Periathope near this village on 30-05-1971 seem to confirm its antiquity. the idols are now in the Pondicherry Museum.

4.6 km. north of Karaikal. Sri sivalaganathaswamy temple is the centre of worship where the celebration of the annual festival and masi magam evokes some popular interest.

Thirumalarajanpattinam from Karaikal. The representative of the Vijayanagar ruler Thirumalrayan built this town and reigned. His inscriptions are found at Thiruvanaikkaval, Thanjavur, Papanasam and Pattichuram. Poet Kalamegham served as court poet.
Jadayupureeswarar Temple
Jadayupureeswarar Temple is said to be the oldest. Masimagam is the most important. Scenes from Ramayana are re-enacted with the help of wooden images during masi (February-March) festival. The temples of Sri Abiramiammab, Sri Raghunathaperumal, Sri venkatesperumal, Sri Vizhivaradarajaperumal and Sri Kamakshiamman are the other important places of worship inthe village.Sri Aayiram Kaliamman Kovil is another important famous temple. Once in every five year the booja with 1000 items of each articles is attracts devotees comming for from over Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry.

9.9 km. north of Karaikal. Sri Thirumeniazhagarswamy temple with its 45 feet tall gopuram is the most important landmark of the village. The presiding deity of the east facing temple is Lord Siva, known here as Sundareswarar and his consort Soundarya-nayagi. To the left of the prakaram is the shrine of Lord Ganesh and to the right are the shrines of Chandikeswarar, Durgai, Ayyanar, Soorya and Chandra. At the centre of the prakaram is the mahamandapam, fromwhere one may have a view of the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord inthe form a Lingam. Behind the sanctum sanctorum may be seen the shrines of Lord Subramaniar, Punnaivana-nathar and Mahalakshmi. The glory of the presiding deities of the temple has been sung by such great Saivite Saints as Thirugnanasambandar and Thirunavukkarasar.

5 km. west of Karaikal. A Stalapurana published about this village. However, it is of interest to note that a granite statue of Buddha was discovered from a site belonging to Darbaranyeswarar temple in 1966. The place is otherwise famous because of the DARBARANYESWARAR TEMPLE situated. The one-piece emerald idol of the deity here is claimed to be the largest of its kind inthe country, while the image of Thiagar here is believed to be the outcome of divine handiwork; Hence it is also known as one of the `sabthavidangal'. SANI PEYARCHI festival is celebrated on a grand scale once every two and a half years attracts devotees from all over the country.

The Rangayyasami Madam is situated in this village.

9.20 km. east of Karaikal. Sri Vizhinadhaswamy (Siva) temple, said to belong to the Chola period, a monument of some importance which is dedicated to Lord Siva known as Vizhiandhaswamy and his consort Sri Vimalambigai. Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple in the village is another important landmark of the temple. This temple, said to belong to the Chola period is noted also for its stone carvings.

Karaikal - How to Get There

Air - Air Timing

Nearest Domestic Airport is in Trichy (Trichirapalli). Indian Airlines connects Trichy with Chennai, Sharjah, Kuwait and Colombo. Air Lanka Service connects Tiruchirapalli with Colombo.

Train - Train Timing

Nearest Railway Station at Nagore.

By Road - Road

Public Transport Many town buses are in operation in this district. They connect tourist places like Thirunallar, Nagore, Nagapattinam, Velankanni, Mayiladudhurai and Thiruvarur in Tamilnadu State. Many private and public buses with registration of Pondicherry union territory and Tamilnadu state are plying in this region. Long distance buses operated by Tamilnadu government from Nagapattinam to Madras via. Pondicherry, pass through this place. Government owned bus services and Pondicherry Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) also runs long distance bus services between Karaikal and Pondicherry

Loading and unloading of goods are usually carried on with the help of boats whenever water level is high in the river. The goods are brought to the warehouses without difficulty. There are storage facilities in the warehouses situated not far from Arasalar and Vanjiar. However, in view of existence of a port in Nagapattinam, this minor port does not have much importance.

Name sake

Several explanations are offered for the name Karaikal. There is no doubt that it is a combination of two words,'karai' and 'kal'. Both 'karai' and 'kal' have several meanings, of which the more plausible one being "a canan made of lime mixture". According to Julien Vinson, the town is said to have been known as Karagiri in Sanskrit. The Imperial Gazetteer gives to the name of the town the meaning of a 'fish pass'. This Karaikal area formed an integral part of the Pallava kingdom in the eighth century(C 731-796). Poet Sekkizhar (992-1042) describes the town as "vanga malik kadar karaikal", the 'Karaikal of many vessels on the coast' in his Peria puranam. In that the poet relates the life story of one Punithavathiar who abandoned the pleasures of material life and devoted herself entirely to a life of prayer and penance to signify her devotion to Lord Siva. He called her 'Karaikal Ammayar', conveniently after the town which must have been famous already.

Area 161Sq.Kms
Population 1, 70 640 (2001census)
Climate Maximum 28°C, Minimum 23°C,
Rainfall 126 Cms
Heavy Rain Sptember to December
Languages Spoken Tamil, English
STD Code + 04368
ISD Code + 91

History of karaikal

Karaikal is one of the four regions of the Union Territory of Pondicherry in India. It is the destination for those who seek solitude, leisure, serenity and piety. Known from times immemorial for its rich religious heritage, Karaikal is a 'must visit' for the pilgrim tourist and the religious minded. It is a peaceful destination off the beaten path of the South Indian tour Circuit.
Several explanations are offered for the word 'Karaikal'. The imperial Gazetteer gives it the meaning 'fish pass'. According to Julien vinson the town is said to have known as Karaigiri in Sanskrit. However, the name Karaikal is no doubt a combination of two words 'Karai' and 'Kal'. Both the words ‘Karai and 'Kal' have several meanings, of which the more acceptable ones are 'lime mix' and 'canal' respectively. Hence it has been suggested that the name may mean a canal built of lime mix.

However, no trace of such a canal is evident now.In 1738, Dumas, a shrewd calculative prudent man and a lover of peace and above all one who was anxious to extend the French territory in India by smooth means, negotiated with Sahuji of Thanjavur for possession of Karaikal, the fortress of Karakalcheri and 5 village for 40000 chakras. On 14.2.1739 the French took possession of Karaikal town, the fort of Karakalcheri and 8 dependent villages. The King of Thanjavur raised the price for the town of Karaikal and the fort of Karakalcheri to 50000 chakras.

He also demanded a loan of 150000 chakras without interest repayable in 3 years against the hypothecation of Mayavaram lands and an annual rent of 4000 pagodas for 5 villages. The French agreed to all the terms except for the payment of 150000 chakras which was reduced to 10000 chakras while the annual rental was reduce to two or three thousand chakras. The villages so received were Kilaiyur, Melaiyur, Puduthurai, Kovilpathu and Tirumalairayanpattinam. Subsequently 2 villages were ceded to the French. Pratap Singh who succeeded the throne renewed demand for a loan of 100000 chakra and on receipt of the first instalment of 4000 chakras he assigned 8 more villages to the French viz., Codague (Kondagai), Vanjiyur, Arimullimangalam, Niravi, Dharmapuram, Uzhiapathu, Mattakudi (probably Mathalangudi) and Polagam. Then on 12-2-1740 he sold for 60000 chakras these villages which he had assigned only the previous year for 40000 chakras.

The same year he pledged Thirunallar Mahanam for 55350 chakras and also pledged 33 villages for 60000 chakras. By a treaty signed on 12.1.1750 Pratap Singh ceded to the French 81 villages around Karaikal and cancelled the annual rent of 2000 pagodas payable for the villages. This was all the territory the French possessed around Thanjavur when they surrendered to the British in 1761. The territory then passed twice to the British control before it was finally handed over to the French in 1816/1817 under the Treaty of Paris, 1814.

The formation of Karaikal national congress on 13.6.1947 and Students Congress on 31.1.1947 symbolised the first concrete expression of popular desire in Karaikal for freedom from French rule. The French ruled this district till 31st October, 1954 on which date the French flag flying atop the government house at Karaikal was lowered with due military honors before a large gathering of officials and non-officials. Thus the de facto transfer of power took place on 1st November 1954 followed by de jure transfer on 16th August 1962.
Karaikal is known all over the country for its unique and the only temple devoted to the Lord
Saneeswara(Lord Saturn) at Thirunallar. Karaikal is the Gateway to various places of worship in the eastern coast of Tamilnadu.

Two famous shrines, Velankanni for Christians and Nagore for Muslims are nearby Karaikal. The French flavour still persists the peaceful land of Karaikal.